How to stream the fest on your TV

There is no native app on TVs for the streaming platform, but here are 3 ways we know work for using your TV to watch the video streams:

- If your TV has an HDMI input, you can connect your computer or tablet with an HDMI cable. You may need an adapter to do this. (this is the easiest method and also gives you the highest quality video)

- If you have Chromecast, you can cast your chrome browser from your computer to your TV, then make the video viewer full screen. (this also works for Android tablets and phones, but not iPads and iPhones. If you've got an iPad or iPhone, there are apps like Web Video Caster, but it may take some trial and error to make them work. We have also successfully used Web Video Caster to cast video from our iPhone to Roku.)

- Firestick - has the Silk web browser. it can be a little cumbersome to get into, but once you're in you should be able to move between the shorts blocks and Q&A by following the links on video pages. - There may be other ways to accomplish this, but these are the ways we know work.