Advertising & Sponsorship reservation form

Programs are black/white tabloid style newspapers, printed on real newsprint. Each attendee and guest will receive one, and many more are mailed to our Kickstarter backers with their rewards. These are often kept as keepsakes. Any leftover programs are used as promotional materials for the next event, and are usually distributed through Arkham Bazaar at various conventions and in mail orders. Preferred formats: In order of preference: TIFF, PDF, PNG, JPG Must be at least 300 dpi, GRAYSCALE (please review your ad in grayscale before sending it. stripping out the color can have a dramatic effect on the way graphics look.)
$75 each. 2 for $140. These are shown on all three screens during intermissions. Dimensions: 1920x1080 pixels (RGB). Can be HD. Larger images are fine, we’ll shrink them to fit. Preferred format: high quality JPG or GIF. TIFF or PDF is ok.
We will be giving our VIP Ticket holders and Festival Guests Swag Bags. If you are interested in providing promotional giveaways for our VIP Swag Bags, please let us know! This can be fliers, cards, coupons, samples, promo CDs, stickers, etc. We’ll need at least 150 items. If you are interested in donating bags with your company logo to be used, please let us know!
If you have any questions or information we need to know, write us a note here.