Guardian Games

Angel May set out to create a gaming store for her generation. A generation that plays video games, and D&D, and board games, and World of Warcraft, and Magic the Gathering, and Warhammer 40K, and….. A generation unwilling to let go of the past, but more than willilng to embrace the future of gaming. A game store to socialize and mingle with like minded gamers.

In addition to a wide and varied selection of games, Guardian Games hosts special events like Beer, Pizza, and Games night; Gamers Halloween parties, Valentine’s Singles gaming, Gaming Yard Sales, and more. They have seating for 300 for board game days, meetups, birthday parties, LARP’ing, collectible card tournaments… you name it! Guardian Games carries and refurbishes vintage video game systems and games. And offers ways for customers to earn discounts on their favorite games just for playing games in the store.


EOD Center

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