The 27th Annual H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival is coming back Oct 7-9, 2022. The COVID-19 pandemic isn't quite over, and Cthulhu doesn't support crystal balls, so we plan to remain nimble this year as things change. Our current plan is to have a live in-person show at the Hollywood Theatre Oct 7-9, 2022 with a streaming component that may include several of the films shown in the theater, and may also include streaming-exclusive programs. Will we require wearing masks, proof of vaccination, or a sacrifice to Nyarlathotep? Well, our contract with Nyarlathotep is signed in blood... but for the other requirements, check back in August, as we will be following state and local recommendations, as well as the requirements of the Hollywood Theatre. Things change too much month-by-month to be able to know what makes sense in October, until we get closer. Unless things get much much worse with the virus than October of 2021 (and things are already better), you can rely on us being back again at the Hollywood Theatre October 7-9, 2022.

Important Note about films shown in-person vs streaming: What films we are able to show in-person vs streaming is never up to us, as different filmmakers have different distribution and regional requirements, so it is likely that the streaming component of the festival will not include ALL the films we're able to show in person, but we strive to provide great value based on the ticket cost, whether you're in the theater or streaming from home. Last year, one person accused us of de-incentivizing the streaming option by streaming fewer films and putting patrons in danger by enticing them to come in person. This is not true, and is not how it works with film licensing. The whole reason we put so much extra work into hosting a separate streaming festival was to help ensure the safety and comfort of all of our audience members, because we knew we could not accommodate the full audience safely in the theater alone. There will always be films that we can't show on-line, because we do not own them, and each film is shown with explicit license from the filmmaker/studio - this was even true in 2020, when everything was streaming, and there were films we wanted to show that we could not - so we exhibit each one to the audience that we have permission to exhibit to.

While we work on the details of the 2022 Festival, check out this archive of what we showed in the theater and streaming last year!

ARCHIVE: Oct 1-3 (in-person) and Oct 8-10 (streaming), 2021 - H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival®

The full film list and streaming schedule is below! Film blocks become available at the times listed and are available to watch until 11:59 pm on October 12th with a 48 hour watch window. Browse the Virtual Catalog on Eventive

**** NOTE: streaming passes are available Worldwide, but the films The Yellow Wallpaper, Exegesis Lovecraft, Masking Threshold, and the short "Transfer" are limited by region. All other films are available to stream worldwide. Click the thumbnails below for more info.