Panel Pitch

This year's festival is going to look a little different! We are having an in-person event October 1-3rd, and a streaming event the following weekend with largely the same film programming. All panel discussions will take place during the streaming event, October 8-10th.

Do you have a topic or subject of debate that you would like to discuss? Something fun, quirky, or educational that you think attendees of the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival & CthulhuCon would love to hear about? Assemble your experts and pitch a panel to us! All pitches must be submitted by September 27th. You will hear back on the status of your application by the 29th.

NOTE: Avoid generic topics or discussions that are too broad. We're looking for dynamic, exciting sounding topics that utilize your unique interests or specialties. You should plan on doing research and coming prepared to take part in an engaging discussion that delves deep into a specific, narrow, and interesting topic. Same old, same old topics that are too broad will likely be dismissed, so reach for greatness!

As the panel pitch-er, you will be responsible for finding your panelists, and you'll be the point person for communications with us. Panels can be pre-recorded, or done live via Zoom. Plan on 45 minutes for discussion and 15 minutes for audience questions if you're going to broadcast live.

This is how we will be contacting you if we choose your panel pitch.
if applicable
If applicable
Choose the category that best fits your proposed panel.
The title of the panel should reflect the specific topic or angle for the panel. For example, "Small Press" and "Music" are not good titles - they are broad categories, not good discussion points, and sound boring in the program. "The influence of women's voices on small press horrors" and "Jazz and Monsters: the Music of 1920s Horror Movies" are good specific titles. Present an interesting and/or dramatic angle to attract an audience to your panel! Get it?
3-5 sentences to describe your panel. Same deal here; avoid discussions that are too broad, and describe briefly the specific hook, including the names of authors/filmmakers/musicians/artists you'll be referencing. This is what attendees will see in the program.
These should be people who you have already reached out to and have confirmed they can do the panel with you. We do not have the resources to find panelists for you this year.
Panels will be broadcast sometime between 10am-5 pm Pacific time on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (October 8-10, 2021). If there are any times you know you will not be available, please note them here. Otherwise we will schedule panels with the understanding that you and your panelists will be available during those times.
Do you have any special equipment needs? A way to play music or project images on a screen? Please list all requirements related to A/V for your presentation. Enter n/a if all you need are microphones.
Have you been on, moderated, or presented panels anywhere in the past?
If you have never presented before, type "n/a"
Please provide a short 100 word bio, written in 3rd person. This should contain the most relevant information about your professional career. We will collect the bios for other panelists if your panel pitch is accepted.
Please attach a photo that can be used with your biography (we'll get headshots for other panelists later). Photos must be at least 300x450 pixels (portrait orientation) in .gif, .jpg, or .png format. If you have any problems uploading a file, you can email it to us later.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png.
Being accepted as a panelist at our festival effectively makes you a representative of the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival community. We may not always see eye to eye with everyone in it, but we advocate respectful discourse. Time and space is precious at the festival, so those we select will be paragons of the community who are interested in bringing it together, not sowers of discord. Attacking others, name calling, belittling, taking part in flame wars (even if you believe you're on the correct side), and other such childish behavior on social media is not how we want to represent ourselves to the world. Potential participants will share these values and be vetted in this regard. All participants and attendees are also subject to our Code of Conduct (you can read the entire thing here: )
Is there anything else we need to know about your panel? Equipment or space needs?