Author Reading application

The 2024 HPLFF will take place October 4-6, 2024 This will be an in-person event with a plan to hold literary events at the Hollywood Library (4040 NE Tillamook St, just a few blocks from the theater) and the Hollywood Theatre. Reading slots are intended for authors writing in the Weird fiction, Cosmic Horror, or other genre that fits well with the mission of the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival. Priority is given to authors with new works.

Use this space to list your publishing credits. If there is not enough room, list your most notable or most recent credits.
Give us a short description of what you'll be reading.
If you are planning to attend the festival in person this year, please check the box next to all the times you are available during the festival. This is how we will be assigning reading slots before films. Note that the latest reading slot would be around 9 or 10 pm each night. If you would like to do an author reading during the streaming event, you will need to record your reading (with good sound and video) and send that to us no later than October 4th.
List any recently released works (past 6 months or less) or upcoming releases (within the next 6 months). One per line.
This can be a link to your own website, social media, goodreads page, etc. Anyplace on the web where someone can find out more about you and your work. (You can list more than one)
Being accepted as a participant at our festival effectively makes you a representative of the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival community. We may not always see eye to eye with everyone in it, but we advocate respectful discourse. Time and space is precious at the festival, so those we select will be paragons of the community who are interested in bringing it together, not sowers of discord. Attacking others, name calling, belittling, taking part in flame wars (even if you believe you're on the correct side), and other such childish behavior on social media is not how we want to represent ourselves to the world. Potential participants will share these values and be vetted in this regard. All participants and attendees are also subject to our Code of Conduct (you can read the entire thing here: )
Please attach a photo that can be used with your biography. Photos must be at least 300x450 pixels (portrait orientation) in .gif, .jpg, or .png format. If you have any problems uploading a file, skip it and we'll get a headshot from you later.
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