3-Day Festival Passes and Single Day passes are NOW AVAILABLE through the Hollywood Theatre!

You can now purchase full 3-day passes, as well as single day tickets for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Save $20 by buying a Full 3-day pass (vs the cost of individual Fri, Sat, and Sun tickets). 

Click to Buy Full 3-Day Pass ($62 until Sep 30, $68 after)

Or, purchase single day tickets here:

  • Friday night only ($22 until Sep 30, $25 after)
    • 4-6pm Meet and Greet with guests/filmmakers at Sam's Billiards (21 and up)
    • Doors open 6 pm at Hollywood Theatre, 7-11pm Opening remarks then movies
    • 7-10pm Panels, readings, and other programming at the EOD Center
  • Saturday only ($35 until Sep 30, $38 after)
    • 10am-Noon EOD Center: Carbload for Cthulhu Author Signing event, with free bagels, donuts, and coffee (while supplies last)
    • Doors open 12:15pm at Hollywood Theatre, 1-11pm Film and other programming (Dinner break 5-6:30pm)
    • 12pm-10pm Panels, readings and other programming at the EOD Center
  • Sunday only ($25 until Sep 30, $30 after)
    • Doors open 12:15pm at Hollywood Theatre, 1-11pm Film and other programming (Dinner break 5-6:30pm)
    • 3-10pm Panels, readings, and other programming at the EOD Center


Click here to check out the film and event schedule (a work in progress until the event arrives).

Since most of the films we play are new films you probably haven't heard of, by independent filmmakers and studios, knowing the schedule of which are playing on which days often isn't helpful in determining which films you'll like best. Just come the days it is convenient for you, and we promise you'll see some amazing Lovecraftian cinema with neat Q&As from visiting filmmakers, as well as panels, readings, vendors, gaming, and other live events.

Can't come for all 3 days and want to know which days to get tickets for? 

First, we think you should come all 3 days; it's the best value and you'll have more fun and get to see almost everything you want to.

However, if you can't swing 3 days, but want to see MOST short films, coming any two days will give you the chance to catch 4 blocks. With 5 shorts blocks, they can't all be seen in one or two days. 

If you can only make it for one day, and your primary goal is seeing films, Sunday is the best! It is less crowded with people (so it's easier to get a seat for the auditorium you want), less expensive, and crammed with the most movies (by design), and includes the fabled Secret Screening and Award Ceremony.

Saturday has a lot of awesome special events, as well as tons of movies, so it's a great day to attend, but can be crowded. We never oversell the theater, so there is always a seat for you in one of the THREE auditoriums, but if you come on Saturday, please be sure to arrive early and find seats for whichever time blocks you want to see, because individual auditoriums can fill up fast (and due to fire code regulations, there can be no standing or sitting in aisles). If your desired auditorium fills up before you can get a seat, keep in mind there are two other auditoriums in the theater with cool stuff showing, as well as live programming in the EOD Center, one block away. 

Friday is also a great night to come. It's shorter, but you can start early with the Guest Meet-n-Greet from 4-6pm, then witness the opening ceremonies, see two film blocks in the theater or live events in the EOD Center, then cap it off with the Opening Night after-party. It's a great taste of the full weekend, if you only have a little time.

Overall, choose whichever days are most convenient for you. Each is packed with movies and special events to keep you tentacularly entertained!

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Discount Advance Ticket Prices until Sept 30th:

3-day festival pass $62 ($68 after Oct 1)
Friday only  $22  ($25 after Oct 1)
Saturday only  $35 ($38 after Oct 1)
Sunday only  $25 ($30 after Oct 1)


The Schedule is still under construction (as we hear back from filmmakers!).
Here are the general opening and closing times:

Weds & Thurs Oct 3 & 4th

  • 6-8 pm - Early wristband and badge pickup for 3-day pass holders, at Sam's Hollywood Billiards

Thursday, October 4th:

  • 7-10 pm - VIP Party (for Kickstarter Backers pledged at VIP levels)

Friday, October 5th:

  • 4-6 pm - at SAM'S HOLLYWOOD BILLIARDS: Wristband and badge pickup for 3-day pass holders. Meet & Greet wilth filmmakers and guests open to the public! 
  • 7-11 pm - at THEATER: Necronomidol Opens the Festival at 7 pm with 2 songs! Then Short and Feature Films w/Filmmaker Q&As.
  • 7-11 pm - at EOD CENTER: Panels, Author Readings, more Vendors at the EOD Center!
  • informal After Party at Moon & Sixpence

Saturday, October 6th:

  • 10am-12 pm - at EOD CENTER: Carbload for Cthulhu Group Author Signing with donuts, bagels, and coffee (while supplies last)
  • 1-5 pm / 7-11 pm - at THEATER - Short and Feature Films w/Filmmaker Q&As, Dark Adventure Radio Theatre, NECRONOMIDOL performs a full set at 7 pm!
  • 10-5 pm / 7-11 pm - at EOD CENTER - Panels, Presentations, Author Readings, vendors, special events
  • informal After Party at Moon & Sixpence

Sunday, October 7th:

  • 10am-12pm - at SAM'S HOLLYWOOD BILLIARDS: Cthulhu Prayer Breakfast! This is a separately ticketed event. Tickets will be available in the next day or so!
  • 1-5 pm / 7-11 pm - at THEATER - Short and Feature Films w/Filmmaker Q&As, Lovecraft Under the Gun, special events, secret screening
  • 3-10 pm - at EOD CENTER - Panels, Presentations, Author Readings, vendors, special events