Joyner Studio

Lee Joyner has been creating creatures and monsters for over 25 years, having worked on films such as Star Trek: Beyond, Mimic and the '98 Godzilla, as well as for shows such as Star Trek DS9 and Stargate:SG1. He's also worked with Alice Cooper, Slipknot, Usher, Disney and Nickelodeon, as well as appearing on Making Monsters and having trained dozens Face Off contestants. Known in the Lovecraft community for his H.P. Lovecraft bust and his Key of Cthulhu statue, 
Lee is also one of the Directors of Cinema Makeup School. CMS has been in business since 1993, training some of the up and coming makeup and special makeup effects artists worldwide. Known for his New 52 Joker, Apocalypse and Thanos makeups where he has collaborated with graduates of CMS at various conventions like SD ComicCon, WonderCon and Monsterpalooza. He will be bringing a team of graduates to the HPLFF San Pedro this year and will demo sculpts and movie make-up.

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