Directed by
David Prior
Eric Lange (ER, Entourage), Ray Wise ('Reaper', One Missed Call, Twin Peaks, Good Night and Good Luck), and John Billingsley (Out of Time, Star Trek Enterprise)
40 mins
 | 2008
 | United States
 | English

Cocky investment analyst Sam Larson has a lot on his mind. After a financial scam goes horribly wrong, he hits the road in a desperate bid to outrun his guilt. A fragment of a radio broadcast, that may or may not be a distress call, lures him to an isolated transmitting station and into a terrifying mystery of murder, madness and the insatiable hunger of a power beyond his comprehension. AM1200 is a 40 minute horror thriller written, produced and directed by award-winning DVD producer David Prior (Zodiac, Fight Club, Master & Commander).Was a World Premiere at the 2008 HPLFF in Portland.

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