Annabel Lee

World Premiere
Directed by
Amy Coop
Alex Bhat, Angel Parker, Nathaniel Parker, Avenda Burnell Walsh, John O'Toole
22 mins
 | 2019
 | United Kingdom
 | English

A young couple flee to the coast to await a boat that will take them on to a new life. As they wait, dark forces close in and their plan starts to unravel. Based on the poem by Edgar Allan Poe and set in the aftermath of the war, under the long lingering shadow of the Irish-Anglo conflict, ‘Annabel Lee’ is a tale of a forbidden love between two young stowaways from opposite sides of the Irish sea. As the couple run for their lives, they make it as far as a a cottage in Devon, awaiting rescue to take them to France. With the end of their journey in sight, they finally allow themselves to believe they might have made it.

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