Await the Dawn

Directed by
Pablo Macho Maysonet IV
Dee Wallace, Josh Server, Courtney Gains, Gabrielle Stone, Caitlyn Fletcher, Gregg Christie, Jonathan Stoddard, Hannah Strasser
90 mins
 | 2019
 | United States
 | English

Annie (Dee Wallace) a desperate mother is traveling cross county with her family to seek professional treatment for her daughter’s drug addiction. Their plans are quickly derailed as Howard (Josh Server), a desperate man with a terrible secret, ambushes their RV at gunpoint. With little to no reason given, he instructs them to transport him as far away as possible. However, they are quickly cut off by a mysterious 9 year old girl. She may seem like a sweet all American girl, but deep inside, she harbors an immense otherworldly evil. The troubled family must now put their trust in their captor, as they try to survive the night...and Await the Dawn.

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