A Ballad For Dead Children

Directed by
Jorge Navas
Rosario Caicedo, Luis Ospina, Sandra Romero
80 mins
 | 2020
 | Colombia
 | Spanish
 w/English subtitles

The seventies. In the midst of the Latin American and the magical realism boom, while all writers were seeking to migrate to Barcelona or Paris, all of them eager to find a powerful publishing house, Andrés Caicedo, living in a provincial town in Colombia was writing film scripts adapting stories of that master of horror, H. P. Lovecraft. With these he had the plan to go to Hollywood and sell them to Roger Corman, a famous producer of B movies.

His obsessions with Gothic literature, with fate and violence, were the center of his life and his work, and contributed to shape a particular aesthetic universe which helped create what came to be called “Tropical Gothic”.

Andrés Caicedo committed suicide at the age of 25, the very same day when he received the first copy of the second novel published while he was alive, Liveforever. Scripts, unfinished novels, plays, short stories, film criticism, and a great deal of correspondence were kept in his trunk. Today he is one of Colombia’s most relevant and forceful writers.

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