Curse of The Crimson Altar

Directed by
Vernon Sewell
Christopher Lee, Boris Karloff, Mark Eden, Barbara Steele, Michael Gough
84 mins
 | 1968
 | United Kingdom
 | English

Based on H.P. Lovecraft's "Dreams in The Witch House," this hard-to-see gem stars Mark Eden, alongside horror veterans Christopher Lee and Boris Karloff, as well as the beautiful Barbara Steele as the Witch (not Keziah this time, but named Lavinia in a strange reference to Lovecraft's story "The Dunwich Horror"). It's Lovecraft through the eyes of the late 60s, with go go boots, psychedelic music, and drug freakouts, in addition to AIP-style English countrysides and manor houses. It's spooky, bawdy fun that still retains some key scenes you'll recognize from the Lovecraft story.

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