Gut Punch

World Premiere
Directed by
Chance White
Hannah Fierman, Randy Havens, Ron Ogden, Christopher Marrone, Christie Setlock, Maxie McClintock , Ben Owen
10 mins
 | 2017
 | United States
 | English

Gut Punch is a horror-comedy in the Lovecraftian Universe. It's The Hangover meets Rosemary's Baby with a splash of Evil Dead all wrapped up in a HP Lovecraftian Cthulhu themed party-glass! It's Battle of the Sexes seen through the eyes of madness. In true trope fashion, hilarity and horror ensue. A rag-tag group of good time seeking bro's are invited to the party of their dreams.... a sorority lake house bash! But the next morning, they find their dream party has become a nightmarish reality. Starring Hannah Fierman (VHS, Siren), Randy Havens (Stranger Things, Halt and Catch Fire), Ron Ogden (Residude, Paranormal Investigation Specialist Squad), Christopher Marrone (Paranormal Investigation Specialist Squad), Maxie McClintock (Ozark), Ben Owen, and Christie Setlock Featuring music by Carpenter Brut (Hotline Miami) and an original score by Jonah Weingarten (Pyramaze, Sentinels)

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