Lazarus Taxon

Directed by
Denis Rovira
Ariel Casas<br />Mingo Rafols<br />Maia Jenkinson
15 mins
 | 2008
 | Spain
 | English

A story about the survival instinct of most primary. A Science-fiction/horror story that takes place in Catalonia, Spain in a likely future. After the dreaded climate change, in a world dominated by hunger, epidemics and fear and where death is a travel companion, a man, an ordinary citizen, loses his daughter 20 years old. ? When he still her’s death cries, a stranger who seems be aware of such misfortune comments to him that out to sea, a day of navigation port, there is a house that has survived the catastrophe, which rises above the sea as if it were a miracle. It is the only hope to encounter his daughter.

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