Directed by
Asli Sonceley
Chris Correa<br />Maya Kazan<br />Joe Mariglio
11 mins
 | 2008
 | English

ALLAN, puts away the memories of his bride, LENORE, while noises and shadows in the house creep upon him.In his sleep Allan is haunted by Lenore's ghost. She comes out of a chest in the attic.Allan wakes up from the nightmare and goes into the attic to confront his fear, while Lenore's bloody hands crawl out of the chest and start wandering around the labyrinth-like space. When they finally run into each other, Lenore in fear, runs away from Allan who locked her in a chest alive. The chase ends when Allan catches her. Crying with remorse he strangles her to death. But Lenore suddenly comes alive and bites off a piece of his neck. Traumatized, Lenore spits out blood as Allan bleeds to death.

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