Lovecraft Paragraphs

Directed by
Reber Clark
34 mins
 | 2009
 | United States
 | English

Lovecraft Paragraphs" presents selected material from Lovecraft's work which has affected me, and rung in memory, since my first readings of it almost forty years ago.Searching for a way to make Lovecraft's prose accessible by ear, yet remaining somewhat internal and eerily impersonal, was the first hurdle for this project. Most Lovecraft voice artists inevitably (however unintentionally) insert their own personality into the material which usually renders Lovecraft's unique inner voice impotent, and creates an unintended atmosphere of intimacy which saps the cold stark strength from Lovecraft's work.A unique solution to this problem is presented in "Lovecraft Paragraphs" and hopefully its "somewhat disquieting effect" sets it apart.

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