Directed by
Jeff Ferrell
Dennis Kleinsmith (CTHULHU) and Lisa Coronado
10 mins
 | 2008
 | United States
 | English

When fate brings two souls together, sometimes they cannot be torn apart- even after death. On a fateful day in the park, a lonely man meets Morella, a beautiful yet singularly bewitching woman. And from their first meeting their souls become inseperable, their lives bound together forever. Morella is a woman of great intelligence and powers of the mind, she spends her days studying the occult and reading to the man from her collection of ancient texts. Given his devotion to his wife, the man abandons himself completely to her, as their life of seclusion and obsession grows darker with each passing day. Joy fades into the deepest horror as Morella's cold, distant nature and ghostly musical voice opress the man until he can no longer bear the touch of her fingers, nor the luster of her melancholy eyes. Yet, as the years roll away and with a terrible sickness Morella's life declines, will the eternal bond between these two souls be allowed to end, and will the child she carries within her live on, even after her death?Edgar Allan Poe's classic tale of love and obsession that transcends beyond the grave comes to life in this beautiful and haunting gothic horror film. Set in the Victorian Era 1800's, the film, with it's sumptuous colors and authentic period costumes and sets evokes the spirit of the classic gothic horror films of years past, and beautifully captures the essencse and atmosphere of history's greatest writer of the macabre.Starring Dennis Kleinsmith (CTHULHU) and Lisa Coronado. Music by award-winning composer Semih Tareen (GOMEDA, YELLOW).

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