Directed by
Andrew Marsh
Sophie Marsh<br />Richard Moran<br />Domonic Sinicola
13 mins
 | 2009
 | English

Lucy, Noirville's only inhabitant, takes a mysterious journey through the night in a hope to cure her loneliness in this darkly surreal tale. Lucy lives alone in an abandoned air raid shelter. She knows that true friends are hard to find. In her loneliness she has resulted in trying to grow things, but with no luck. Out one night collecting water Lucy makes a strange discovery in the forest. When she takes it home and pours it on her dying plant something unbelievable begins to grow. What sprouts out of the plant pot steals Lucy away from loneliness forever in this mystical and creepy tale about loneliness and isolation. This cinematic treat is a strange concoction of H.P Lovecraft, David Lynch and Ed Wood all rolled into one and is inspired by the b-movies of the 50's and 60's. This short film was made independently on a low-budget with a true passion and love for the weird and otherworldly.

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