The Otherworld

US Premiere
Directed by
Richard Stanley
Richard Stanley, Scarlett Amaris
88 mins
 | 2013
 | France
 | French
 w/English subtitles

Some believe that another world exists alongside our daily, waking reality - a shadowland of faeries, angels, and elemental spirits. There are places where these worlds are said to overlap, regions described as "window areas" by modern UFO enthusiasts. But just what are these places? Ancient sacred sites? Gateways into faerieland? Telluric and electromagnetic "hot spots"? Doorways into other dimensions, or black holes in concensus reality? Richard Stanley takes you into an amazing journey into the wild and mysterious southwest of France, through the medieval villages of Montségur, Rennes-le-Château, and Bugarach, in a quest to reveal for the first time ever on film: The Other World! 

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