Out There

Directed by
Randal Plunkett (the 21st Lord Dunsany)
Emma Eliza Regan, Conor Marren, Cian Lavelle-Walsh
17 mins
 | 2012
 | Ireland
 | English

This film, directed by Randal Plunkett (the 21st Lord Dunsany and great grandson of Edward Plunkett, the Lord Dunsany whose work had such an influence on H.P. Lovecraft), concerns the emerging psychological drama when an unconscious Robert, (Marren) waking up dazed and confused in isolated woodland and tries to piece together what has happened. He and his young fiancee Jane (Regan), find themselves fighting for survival, as all is not well in the clam tranquil countryside.Randal Plunkett is an award winning Irish film director and producer from Dunsany, County Meath, Ireland. The Plunkett’s are one the oldest families in Ireland, Randal is able to trace his lineage directly to many famed and celebrated Plunkett ancestors.He is now the 21st Lord Dunsany and grew up in the Plunkett family’s ancestral home, the historic Dunsany Castle, where many of his ancestors found inspiration before him.

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