Directed by
Josh Reed
Zoe Tuckwell-Smith, Krew Boylan, Lindsay Farris, Rebekah Foord, Damien Freeleagus, Wil Traval, <br />
85 mins
 | 2010
 | Australia
 | English

Over 12,000 years in the distant past, an Australian native desperately tries to warn others of the presence of an unknown primal entity only to be devoured for his efforts. Now six friends on a research field trip to study cave paintings set up camp in the same remote wilderness. But when one takes a dip in a nearby water hole, she becomes feverish and agitated, and regresses to a predatory state where her companions become the hunted. When another begins the same beastly transition, terror descends on the others as they realize they are doomed. Sooner or later some one will have to venture into the mountain caves to confront the cause. But it is often better not to know the truth.

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