In Search of Lovecraft

Directed by
David Hohl
Renee Sweet, Rachael Robbins
94 mins
 | 2008
 | United States
 | English

While doing a Halloween news story on horror writer H.P. Lovecraft, Rebecca Marsh discovers that a subculture of occultists and magicians thinks Lovecraft wrote from his dreams and that these dream images were channeled from a real-life occult "akashic record." Her skepticism slowly dissolves as she witnesses Lovecraftian horrors first hand. She enlists the help of an occult expert, her loyal cameraman, and a witch to uncover the truth about an old house once used by a cult of Nyarlathotep. Soon she uncovers the mind-bending truth: the creatures and cults of the 'fictional' mythos are real... and after her.

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