The Seventh Shadow

Directed by
Brian Clement
Robert Nolan<br />Mary Kate Haché<br />Adam Winlove-Smith<br />Aleksy Mesherakov<br />David Kinsman<br />Joel Lacoursiere
2 mins
 | 2009
 | English

1949: When a scientist discovers his worst fears have come true - that horrifying elder beings from another dimension are using cults on Earth to facilitate their enslavement of humanity - he assembles former comrades, associates, and even old enemies in order to combat the menace. Alongside him fight his former assistant, granted superhuman powers, as well as a Canadian soldier, a Russian soldier, an American mobster, a Spanish anarchist, and a jaded beat cop. Against them are arrayed a host of grotesque extradimensional creatures, and the mutated human leader of their cult. Humanity's last hope is The Seventh Shadow, but will it be enough to turn back the tide?

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