The Statement of Randolph Carter

Directed by
Kyle Aldrich
Ben McPherson<br />Daniel Hill<br />Michael Pritchard
10 mins
 | 2009
 | United States
 | English

Vincent is seeking a change from his monotonous routine. Every day he sits, he catalogues, and he repeats. It isn't until he is given the case file of Randolph Carter that he is jolted from his tedious work. The statement is set at a secluded cemetery where Carter's mentor Harley Warren descends into a necromantic crypt. Carter is instructed to stay above the surface. Amidst the cemetery's ruins, Carter can only hear (via a makeshift telephone apparatus) the terrible surroundings that Warren has blindly - and willingly - wandered into. The mystery surrounding Carter's file is too much to ignore -- Vincent must take it upon himself to find out the truth. What really happened to Harley Warren?

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