The Void

Directed by
Eric Schwartz
Hannah Wilson
9 mins
 | 2013
 | United States
 | English

"The Void" is about an adventurous young girl named Frankie and her precarious best friend, Emma. Both girls have an obsession with a courageous female superhero, Danger Dee, and her faithful sidekick Chubs. Our movie starts when Frankie gets news that whomever solves their own 'dangerous' mystery will potentially win a chance to guest star on the Danger Dee show. It just so happens that in Frankie and Emma's sleepy town, children go missing on a regular basis and are never heard from again. Local folklore tells of a monster that lives in a forest that lies on the outskirts of town. Frankie decides to team up with Emma to further investigate. She believes her and Emma's best chance of winning the contest lies deep within the forest.

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