Ariel has played games her entire life, and is experienced across the range of mediums in which they are found. An only child, her adventures with imaginary friends set the stage for the acting she would do through college and the roleplaying games she would find later in life. A long time Scrabble enthusiast and one-time competitive Unreal Tournament savage, she is drawn to the math of Caverna and is ever ready to bring her best Nero Wolfe impression to the suicidal madness of Delta Green. You can find her on Twitter @ArielContessa and occasionally on FB or at cons running games for ConTessa.

ConTessa is a gaming organization dedicated to making tabletop gaming spaces more diverse by bringing marginalized-led events to conventions all around the United States. We run innovative and unique tracks featuring games, panels, workshops, and seminars led entirely by historically marginalized people, yet open to attendance by anyone. Our event runners are volunteers who pick their own games and content, making every ConTessa event as unique as the ConTessans who run them.

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