David Prior has long believed that it's a director's duty to know first hand every job on a film set, which is how he justifies his rather bizarre list of credits. While he has produced and directed several feature length documentaries for DVD, AM1200 is his first major fiction work. Since working as a child actor, Prior has assembled a long and ecclectic list of credits from nearly every corner of the film industry. He's worked extensively in visual effects, art departments and even development (which isn't something he's proud of). He's produced reality television, directed second units and he played the Alien in Alien Resurrection. Prior has been gifted and cursed with the unshakable conviction that he wanted to make movies since the age of 5. As the great-grandson of silent film legend John Gilbert and silent film star Leatrice Joy, he can only attribute his unusual certainty about this at so young an age to some mystical condition of the blood. Prior has been one of the leading creators of special edition DVDs since he began in 1999. He produced and designed the landmark Fight Club DVD, which, if he's not careful, is what they're going to put on his tombstone. Other important DVDs include Master & Commander, the 4-disc edition of Pearl Harbor, Panic Room, Die Hard, Big Trouble in Little China, Titus, Blade II, Napoleon Dynamite, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, Planet of the Apes, Ravenous, and David Cronenberg's The Fly and Michael Bay's Transformers. He is currently working on David Fincher's newest film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button after having completed the masterful Zodiac - The Director's Cut (Two-Disc Special Collector's Edition) also for Fincher.

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