Diabolus Rex is the founder and techno-Mage of the Chaos imperium and lead engineer of Black Sun Occult Engineering and Design, the focus of which is the development and construction of frankenscience devices and mechanisms that combine the worlds of the quantum and metaphysical. Rex is a native Oregonian who was born and raised in Astoria Oregon and it was there he developed his first occult based sculptural works.  The writings of Nichola Tesla, Julius Evola, Dr. Michael Aquino, and HP Lovecraft have strong resonance with the now  Portland based sorcerer and artist  who is currently developing  the Ragnarok Engine project, a controversial program that  will open new doors into the dark thaumaturgy of the Kali Yuga. Rex's work can be viewed on Facebook under Diabolus Rex and Black Sun Occult Engineering and Design.

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