Author, editor, and longtime horror fan Jemiah Jefferson's publications include the novels Voice Of The Blood, Wounds, Fiend, and A Drop Of Scarlet, and the chapbook of erotic short-stories st*rf*ck*ng. She has also written for Willamette Week, Just Out, Plazm, 2 Gyrlz Quarterly, and the culture blog Popshifter, and maintains a regular comedy-flavored film review blog on Livejournal. Her most recent project, a slipstream "wovel" titled Firstworld, was serialized on the website of local publisher Underland Press. Since 2005, she has been a part of the editorial department at Dark Horse Comics, working on titles including Emily the Strange, Criminal Macabre, Creepy Archives, and Neon Genesis Evangelion: Campus Apocalypse. Find out more at

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