Jessica Amanda Salmonson, a recipient of the World Fantasy Award, ReaderCon Certificate, and Lambda Award, is the author of such novels as Tomoe Gozen, The Golden Naginata, Thousand Shrine Warrior, Anthony Shriek, and Ou Lu Khen and the Beautiful Madwoman. Her short story collections include The Deep Museum: Ghost Stories of a Melancholic, and A Silver Thread of Madness, the latter including the Lovecraftian tale "A Child of Earth and Hell." Her nonfiction includes The Encyclopedia of Amazons.A couple of her rarer most offbeat collections are Mystic Women: Their Ancient Tales and Legends Recounted by a Woman Inmate of the Calcutta Insane Asylum, and The Eleventh Jaguarundi and Other Mysterious Persons which includes such grotesques as "The Strange Voyage of Doctor Morbid," "Madame Enchantia and the Maze of Dream," and "Being Lost Viewed as a Virus Viewed as an Angel Lost in the Molecular Structure of the Human Gene," with influences of everyone from Lovecraft to Luis Borges.She has been busy editing a series of collectible hardcover volumes of vintage weird fiction much of it never before collected, including The Golden Gong and Other Night-Pieces and Unpleasantries by Thomas Burke, Twilight and Other Supernatural Romances by Marjorie Bowen, The Rose of Death and Other Mysterious Delusions by Julian Hawthorn (Nathaniel's son), Master of Fallen Years: Complete Supernatural Stories of Vincent O'Sullivan, Lady Ferry and Other Uncanny People by Sarah Orne Jewett, The Empire of Death: Complete Weird Tales of Alice Brown, The Wondersmith and Other Tales by Fitz-James O'Brien, and many others.She also reviews samurai and horror movies and what-not under the nom de plume Paghat the Ratgirl at, and maintains the world's largest website on temperate gardening, She lives on on the west side of Puget Sound with artist Rhonda Boothe, where they putter in the gardens and play with their enormous chihuahua Daigoro and his less enormous child bride, Okuni.

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