Nicolas Simonin ("DERAILED") is a native of France currently living in San Diego since 2010. He began his professional screenwriting career in Europe where he worked on TV shows like (R.I.S.—French C.S.I. or Lea Parker— an "Alias" spy show) for five major networks in France. In addition, he worked in the feature movie industry (EUROPACORP) as a screenwriter, professional reader and story analyst. He spent five years as a TV screenwriter and 18 months as a story coverage reader for Europacorp. Currently residing between Los Angeles and San Diego, he continues to work with producers and screenwriters in Europe. Nicolas is currently working on the long feature version of his short "Derailed", which has received 4 awards and 11 festival selections. The movie written as a paranormal psychological thriller will have the same scary tone and the amazing location of the railtracks.The UCLA MFA screenwriting programNicolas attended both producer and screenwriting film schools in Paris, where he produced two short movies: "TAXI" in Cordoba, Argentina in 2001 and "ERIC" ("Derailed") in Paris in 2009.Nicolas got the opportunity to improve his multicultural background by studying as an exchange student in UCLA School of Theater, Film screenwriting program, in fall 2004. Following Hal Ackerman’s screenwriting workshop and Richard Walter’s masterclass, Nicolas achieved a new level which allows him to expand his skills in the worldwide market.An international background with both Spanish and English writing skillsNow a fluent screenwriter in both Spanish and English, Nicolas is developing his first long feature movie "EDEN" with Mille et Une productions.A passion for Thriller and Horror moviesA passionate fan of the thriller, horror movie genre and Latin-American fantasy literature (Borgès, Cortazar, Quiroga), Nicolas is applying his skills in the horror movie market.5 years as a professional TV screenwriter in France for 3 major TV showsSince 2004, among other activities, Nicolas Simonin has written12 episodes of ongoing French TV shows like Lea Parker ("Alias" spy type of show), R.I.S. ("CSI" type of show), Duval & Moretti (cop comedy), "Adibou la vie" (science kid animation) for four major French networks (TF1, M6, France 2, France 5). Nicolas has also been involved in writing two long feature movies with foreign directors: "Perdidos" with Paul Markovitch, an Argentinean screenwriter of 5 feature movies who lives in Mexico and "Animals" with Nejib Belkhadi, a successful current Tunisian director and actor. Both movies were developed for the French market, the first in 2003 and the second in 2008 with 1001 productions.

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