Paul Komoda is a sculptor, illustrator, and  designer inspired by a lifelong obsession with monsters, dreams and nightmares, medical anomalies, and the weirder side of the zoological spectrum. Over the years he's delved into jewelry, action figures, album artwork, erotic/grotesque illustration, and anatomically inspired body art. In the early 2000s he worked for H.R. Giger, on several jewelry and sculpture projects. More recently, he's done work for Sideshow Collectibles, Darkhorse Comics, Amalgamated Dynamics Incorporated, and had sculpted the miniatures for the H.P. Lovecraft inspired game, The Doom That Came to Atlantic City. He's also found himself putting his distinctive mark on some vinyl Kaiju figures for the company Dunk-Japan. Ongoing endeavors include furthere explorations into the realms of fine art and comics, as well as the publication of his sketchbook which has oft been described as a contemporary Necronomicon. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

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