Artist, writer, film producer and president of Storm King Productions.
With a background in art, photography and animation Sandy King’s filmmaking career has included working with John Cassavetes, Francis Ford Coppola, Michael Mann, Walter Hill, John Hughs and John Carpenter.

She has over 75 motion picture and television credits to her name and has produced films ranging from public service announcements on Hunger Awareness to a documentary on astronaut/teacher Christa McAuliffe, and major theatrical hits like John Carpenter’s VAMPIRES. From working underwater with sharks in the Bahamas to converting 55 acres of New Mexican desert into the vast red planet of Mars, new challenges interest and excite her. The world of comic books is no exception. Her work writing and editing John Carpenter’s Asylum allows her to bring her art and story telling experience to a new discipline with an expanded group of collaborators.

In addition to her work on the comic book, she is currently in pre-production on the feature film, John Carpenter’s DARKCHYLDE, and is developing the television show, HELL GATE.

She is married to director, John Carpenter and lives in Hollywood, California.

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