Scooter Downey is a Kentucky native who is proud to be making his directorial feature debut on It's In The Blood. Downey attended film school at the University of Miami where he graduated with a BA in Film and Theater. He previously worked as a production assistant on How You Look to Me (2005). Downey made It’s In the Blood alongside his producing partner and best friend Sean Elliot. Together they wrote, fundraised, produced and marketed the film, with Downey at the helm as director. It's In the Blood marks the beginning of a new movement within the film art, called Psyche-Saga by Downey and Elliot.Downey is the creative consultant for Elliot's production company Monomyth Films, LLC. There he hopes to innovate new synergistic forms of visual storytelling and create alternate distribution models, utilizing new media/technology. Scooter's filmmaking influences include pretty much everyone, from arthouse auteurs (Tarkovsky, Bergman, Malick, Cassavetes) to popular entertainers (Spielberg, Monty Python, Mel Brooks). He is proud to count the movie Jaws as the first love of his life.

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