Sean Patrick O’Reilly is an energetic,  passionate, visionary  transmedia writer and producer. As a lifelong fan of comic books, Sean's dream was to become a comic book creator. In 2004, Sean realized that dream by creating and writing Kade, a comic book series that has now gone on to see eight, published graphic novels, His original creations include  Ezra, The Gwaii, Clockwork Girl, The Hope Virus, and Mighty Mighty Monsters to name a few.He is also producing Continuum, based on his graphic novel, with Relativity as well as Amnesia with Sony Entertainment. In addition to writing, Sean has directed and produced the entire thirteen episode season for the animated TV series Kagagi. Most recently Sean wrote, directed, produced and starred in the animated feature film based on his graphic novel, Pixies. Sean’s next goals continue seeing him write, direct and produce the animated feature films Howard Lovecraft & The Frozen Kingdom as well as The Steam Engines of Oz and Avner.


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