Before an audience at last year’s festival, scholar S.T. Joshi declared W.H. Pugmire and Stanley C. Sargent are “two of the finest authors of Cthulhu Mythos fiction,” and later told a group of authors that Sargent’s “Black Brat of Dunwich” is among the top ten Mythos stories ever written. Sargent’s award-winning tales and novellas of the supernatural, historical horror, fantasy, humor-horror and sci-fi genres have been widely printed and reprinted in various magazines, chapbooks and anthologies. To date, his tales have been published in three trade paperback collections, Ancient Exhumations, The Taint of Lovecraft, and Ancient Exhumations +2. He is currently finishing-up the third tale in his Qom-maq trilogy set in ancient Crete, which he considers his best work. The trilogy will appear as a short novel in his new, upcoming (2009) collection of tales, Things That Are But Never Were, edited by S.T. Joshi, published by Hippocampus Press. His “Nyarlatophis, A Fable of Ancient Egypt” novella will appear in The Tindalos Cycle anthology in early 2009, edited by Robert M. Price, published by Hippocampus Press. For more information, downloads, and artwork, go to

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