Valentina Battorti was born in Belluno, Italy, in 1983. Her dad watched made her watch all types of movies from Gremlins to Pretty Woman. When her love for films was complete, and she discovered her favorite genre, she longed to be part of it!! Valentina loves to draw, read, sing, write, listen to music, watch Tv series, theatre, films of all kinds and has always wanted to find a way to reunite all of these media to tell stories, so.. films!! Her love of sharing her work is fed by seeing the reactions of the audience and making them laugh, cry, get frightened or super happy with a story, with a soundtrack.. it's magic! She studied Classic Literature at the Liceo Classico Tiziano in Belluno and then cinema at the University of Pordenone. She worked in London and Paris for some time, and now wants to focus completely on movies 100%!!!

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