William (Liam) Thomas Damon was born in South Eastern Massachusetts, within the Bridgewater Triangle and the infamous Hockomock Swamp. Growing up as the second to youngest in a family of 7 kids, he found refuge from an overcrowded house in dusty books and Saturday afternoon Creature Features. His tastes in entertainment tend to run toward the fantastical and macabre genres and can be summed up with the expression "If I want reality, I'll look out the window". As an adult, he has worked as a Visual Merchandising Specialist for several retail companies, usually making his own props for window displays, mostly in New York and Boston. After moving to Southern California he has been gainfully and gleefully employed by several different convention companies (usually comics, sci-fi and horror). Having always made his own costumes for fun and frolic, he was inspired to start making leather masks as a vocation after some friends needed masks and costume accessories for the Labyrinth of Jareth Ball a few years ago. He is now the owner and proprietor of Nomad Studio Designs and Uponamidnight.com.

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