H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival® & CthulhuCon - Mobile, AL

Join us in beautiful, creepy, and historic Mobile, Alabama as we bring the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival for the very first time to the South, at the beautiful 1927 Saenger Theatre and downtown Mobile Holiday Inn, November 3-5, 2023. Three days of books, gaming, guests, and, of course, short and feature films inspired by or adapted from the works of H. P. Lovecraft and his contemporaries and forebears, like Clark Ashton Smith, Edgar Allan Poe, Robert W. Chambers, Frank Belknap Long, and more. This is going to be a bit more convention-style than we typically host, with gaming areas, panel discussions, and a full vendors room.

Why Mobile? The south has a fantastic convention scene brimming with our kind of fans... demented/enlightened minions of Cthulhu! It's no surprise, since they practically invented the Mardi Gras parade, popularized by New Orleans (only a two hour drive away). Flying into and staying in historic downtown Mobile is easy, and the city is fascinating with amazing bookstores, historic theaters, and stately hotels. Oh, and ghosts. They have plenty of those!

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A small sampling of the films and guests coming to Mobile!

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