Can Evrenol's HOUSEWIFE opens the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival in Providence!

Bloody lips are a feature, not a bug, in Can Evrenol's Lovecraftian feature, HOUSEWIFE

This Friday, Can Evrenol's highly anticipated Lovecraftian feature film, HOUSEWIFE shows opening night of the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival® in Providence, RI, taking place on College Hill at the beautiful Metcalf Auditorium at RISD Chace Center (20 N Main St, Providence). We're very pleased to bring this amazing film to Lovecraft's hometown. Can Evrenol is the director of BASKIN (2015) which garnered many extreme reviews, and was called one of the bloodiest and one of the weirdest horror films of that year. Reviewers noted its slightly Lovecraftian overtones, but won't be able to miss the influence of the Ol' Gent from Providence in this one... it has everything he would've loved (and a few things he would've hated!): nightmares becoming real, a generational family curse, strange books of forbidden secrets, artists under the sway of cosmic power, a modern day cult, tentacles, and a little blood, nudity, and sex (that's the stuff Howie wasn't too fond of, but you'll love). Don't miss it on opening night!

Also on Friday is a full short film block of amazing new Lovecraftian shorts, followed by two blocks of shorts on Saturday, and the feature films THEY REMAIN, directed by local filmmaker Philip Gelatt (Europa Report), and COLD SKIN, directed by Xavier Gens and featuring a survival story on a desolate island beset by monstrous fish people. Sunday will showcase two more blocks of short films, bringing the total of Lovecraftian short films to 24, from countries as diverse as the US and Canada to the Czech Republic and Spain, with 10 countries represented overall in the madness! The festival will end Sunday afternoon with NECRONOMICON: THE BOOK OF HELL from Argentinian director Marcelo Shapces, which follows the chaos in the wake of the discovery of the fifth copy of the Necronomicon in the bowels of the University of Buenos Aires (as cited by Lovecraft himself, in his "History of the Necronomicon"). Fans of the Cthulhu Mythos should not miss this film, or indeed, the whole festival. Single day tickets and 3-day passes are still available on Eventbrite, and will be available at the door (if they remain).

The Full schedule of films and events is available now on the official Web site. (click here)