The Lash of St. Francis

An unusually large catch of gigantic pacific tuna was hauled in by the fishing vessels of San Pedro on August 30th, 2012. In the net of one of these bountiful catches was a strange sculpture which is the same one that was believed lost in a freak tropical storm that struck San Pedro in September of 1939...

Leo Alexander, a businessman who owns the boat which hauled the sculpture out of the depths of the sea now wants to donate the sculpture to the Los Angeles Maritime museum, but a group of Norwegian fisherman, known as the Esoteric Order of Fuglag claim the sculpture rightfully belongs to the wealthy and reclusive Halstein Stangeland who owned the fishing vessel that went down with the sculpture on board. The Esoteric Order of Fuglag have made several generous offers to purchase the sculpture from him, but Alexander has refused to sell the piece and is adamant that it should be on display in the museum along with the other artifacts recovered from vessels wrecked in the historic 1939 storm.

This is a mystery/scavenger hunt HP Lovecraft-themed LARP that will take place on foot in Downtown San Pedro on September 30th 2012 starting at 11:30 AM. Players will form teams to look for clues and collect objects at various locations in and around Downtown San Pedro. Cost is $5 per team. Teams are from 2-5 players.