Dark Adventure Radio Theater presents: The Shadow Over Innsmouth

A young man's travels in search of antiquarian architecture and his own family history brings him to the ill-regarded Massachusetts town of Innsmouth. There he uncovers horrors beyond his worst imaginings, barely escaping with his life and sanity.

Lovecraft wrote the story in 1931 after a visit to Newburyport and the surrounding region. Long considered one of Lovecraft's most popular tales, the Dark Adventure Radio Theatre edition brings it to life in all its monstrous and malodorous glory.

This old-time radio adaptation features a cast of professional actors including Barry Lynch (reprising his role as Zadok Allen), exciting sound effects and a thrilling original musical score by Troy Sterling Nies (composer for The Call of Cthulhu), who will be in attendance for this LIVE performance along with fellow DART composer Reber Clark, and producers Sean Branney and Andrew Leman. Enjoy 77 minutes of exciting Lovecraftian drama, suspense and cosmic horror.