Brainbuster Weekend

Art by Godfrey Temple

Only thing missing is ► you ]

Let's look at the checklist


Essential Saltes, Invocation, Rise of Cthulhu, Radio tuned to Macabre Fantasy, International shorts, Vincent Price, Pub tirvia, Lovecraft wine,


Skillute Cycle, Swinging Robots, splatterpunk, more than 20 cosmic horror shorts, the director's cut of The Resurrected with wife Diane O'Bannon and collaborator Matt R Lohr, the Mall of Cthulhu, HP Loveshaft, democracy, burlesque, Stone Brewery,


Happy Diner, Cthulhu Prayer, The Dog Head Story, Pickman's Apprentice art duel, Lovecraft documentaries. The Zone, D&D, CoC,