Great Olde Ones Gone...for now

Lee Joyner's active sculpt of Cthulhu

The San Pedro Festival 2016 is over. Our "most accursed rites of human blasphemy... called him for a moment" and then was gone. Rites that included the base lamentations of writers awed and horrified at our cosmic insignificance, artists creating new works while merchants sold strange artifacts. Friday was the twin hammers to the head of Black Mountain Side and The Mist. Walpurgisnacht Saturday had panels and a NEW play adaptation of The Colour Out of Space, and the psycho freakout of The Dunwich Horror Picture Show.  Films traditional and expermiental from around the world were a tour de force. Sunday's Brucnh in fun was the perfect hangover cure, with sermons, songs, Ask Lovecraft and games including demo of the 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu. ia ia!!