Kicked, Pulverized, Reanimated, and made Wondrous indescribable.

Bonus shirt image

Kickstarter backers, a "loathsome night-spawned flood of organic corruption more devastatingly hideous than the blackest conjurations of mortal madness and morbidity," have opened the gates for the Elder Gods to the Warner Grand. The HPLFF Kickstarter 2016 raised more than $16,250 to ensure a most eldritch time. You backers have prompted entry of the Yellow bEast Joe S Pulver  to share tales of dim Carcosa. And we are many steps closer to bringing Jeffrey Coombs (Re-Animator, The Raven) to the Festival. 

The Wondercon Panel : Describing the Indescribable: Adapting the works of HP Lovecraft is set for March 25th at 8:30. The Wondercon reception at the Redwood Bar (316 W. 2nd St) is Saturday 26th at 6:30 is open to all. 

The T-Shirt image for the Dunwich Horror Picutre Show, a shadowcast of the Corman classic, is sure to quease.