Directed by
Neal Hallford
11 mins
 | 2014
 | US

I will bring a lot of books. As many books as I can cart in the door of the horror genre. If I have strength to carry in more I will bring a boatload of Science Fiction. I've sold books for over 25 years, including having an open shop in SoCal for 13 years. I have sold online exclusively for the last ten years. Contact At HPLFFthere will be books by Lovecraft, Barker, Collins,Simon Green, Harris/Hamilton, King/Koontz, Ligotti, and others.

Directed by
Larry Loc
2 mins
 | 2015
 | US

Barber's Son Studio

We are a small design firm, focussing on designer toy character design and prototyping.  We are passionate about working with other artists or firms to bring either their early stage or mature ideas into the 3D world!


Lovecraft Wines

Lovecraft Wines combines great wine and art! You can join the Wine Cult quarterly shipment club, or just indulge in a bottle or two!

*–Note that we hold ourselves harmless for any allergic reactions that may follow from exposure to trace amounts of crawling chaos in our seasonal select wines.


EOD Center


01 Publishing

01 Publishing™  is a global imprint dedicated to the best in speculative fiction. We publish across a wide variety of formats: physical books, e-books, audio books, and even full-cast audio dramas. Our mission is to produce wholly original titles intended for an intelligent fan-base who expects more from their entertainment. We mean to offer readers a clean break from a literary world that has become bloated with TV spin-offs, video game franchises, and movie pitches masquerading as novels. Welcome to 01 Publishing where it’s all about telling good stories and the READERS come first