Ann S. Koi

Ann S. Koi. Chimeric, born in the 70s, world-traveled, classically and non-classically educated in art and life (I hear there is a difference).

Wrote a book or two about space elves. Painted some pictures. Picked up a few toys and destroyed some childhoods while making others. Invent creatures with a mix of science and magic(k). Like marine biology, chemistry, glam rock, metal, dark folk and dark ambient music, science/speculative fiction, weird horror, sustainability, astronomy, coffee, and dolls. Dislike gendered pronouns, coconuts, mainstream comedy, consumer culture, latex, and artspeak.

If forced at gunpoint to describe my styles in a single phrase, I would say, 'Pop Visionary'. If held at gunpoint, I am likely to shoot back though, so I would not recommend it.

Located in Artist Alley in the EOD Center