2021 Kickstarter Digital Download Pack and Survey

IF YOU ARE USING A MOBILE DEVICE RIGHT NOW, we strongly recommend that you WAIT TO FILL OUT THIS SURVEY UNTIL YOU ARE ON THE DEVICE WHERE YOU WILL BE DOWNLOADING THE FILE. The unique download link will only work for 24 hours.

Please answer these quick questions! After you hit the "submit" button, you'll be taken to a page to download the pack (you will also be sent the link via email).

We program more content than any one person can reasonably see so that there's something to please everyone, and we try to make our pricing a good value for the amount of stuff that we think the average person will watch. Check all that apply.
What device(s) did you use to watch the online streaming festival?
For 2022, we're planning an in-person festival with a streaming component. Hosting both requires an enormous amount of resources since it's essentially putting on two events, so we need to be sure we can financially support the effort. If you had to choose just one way to watch the festival, which option would you definitely purchase tickets for? (there is space for comments at the end if needed)
not required, but very helpful to know.
OPTIONAL: Anything else you'd like to share? questions? suggestions? Any unfixable tech problems that kept you from enjoying the show? Loved all the movies, or none of them?