Pharos of Leng t-shirt (2019)

unisex Medium x2, Large x1


Our Pharos of Leng T-shirt was designed by Brian Callahan and contains the ceremonial circle used for summoning the Watchers - shades of the Elder Things who inhabit the temple laboratories on the Plateau of Leng. Throughout history, they've instructed humans in the arcane arts, including the reconstitution of essential saltes, casting the mind through time, bodily travel to other planes and stars, and the creation of subservient life. Many of our forebears, from the wizards Waite and Curwen to the witch Keziah have studied their secrets. This shirt was a KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE. The design features cool glow-in-the-dark accents and secret messages for you to decode. 

Art © 2019 Brian Callahan, all rights reserved

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